Some stories from our users...

Here are a few of my favorite stories from our users over the past year. The two below along with this one I wrote about before are awesome. 


An email to our team (from February 2015)

"Hello! My daughter has a rare fever syndrome and has recurrent high fevers very often. I have lost count of how many thermometers we have gone through over the last 6 years. From not being accurate or death from overuse (even with a battery change there is no life left in the poor things) there are probably hundreds. All types. From expensive to cheap. 

When you have a child like mine you have to have a good reliable thermometer on hand at all times. I first found out about the Smart Thermometer through a support group I am in on Facebook. I began using the app and I was instantly in love. I am able to track every one of my daughter’s symptoms and take pictures to show her doctors! Taking her temperature is just a part of her day but she looks forward to it now...she brings me the thermometer and tells me it's time. She really loves popping the bubbles while it reads her temp! I take her temp twice a day, every day. This really has made the process much better! Not only have I been able to track her temperature daily but I have been able to use the thermometer and app for my other daughter who has been sick with strep throat! I am recommending the Smart Thermometer to everyone I know and even took it to my daughter's school to show it off. I can't wait to show our pediatrician!"

A Facebook post (from September 2015)

I wanted to thank Kinsa for your smart thermometer. I'd only used it on my kids until now but this last week it literally saved my life. I had a major but perfectly safe surgery last Wednesday and was home and feeling feat for 24 hours. I developed a fever, which I tracked through my Kinsa app. The fever got worse over three days though I had no other symptoms that could indicate the problem. I finally went to the ER Saturday night and was able to prove my stats with the app. I was admitted and treated for about 12 hours and ended up having emergency surgery Sunday morning to combat a bad infection I had developed. They had done every test known and nothing had shown an infection. Only the documented history of high fevers.

I was told that if it had been left untreated I might have died as it was getting worse without showing typical associated symptoms. So again I wanted to say thank you. I am so glad for the ease of use with this app/thermometer as even with 104+ fever I was able to use it.