Time for Viruses to "Go Viral"

Facebook was not created to improve our health. But by connecting people, it has helped. For example, using Facebook saved sweet toddler Grace Freeman’s life when a nurse friend spotted a rare eye cancer in an ordinary snap of the 2-year-old. Mining Facebook (as well as twitter and blogs) also enabled the Los Angeles public health department to rapidly identify and trace the source of a strange illness that quickly hit 439 people – ultimately to legionella bacteria that was found in the whirlpool spa at the Playboy Mansion.

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Kinsa's Mission

In 2013 we created a video to explain Kinsa - the vision, the mission and the product. Though we only had a prototype of our Smart Thermometer (many iterations were to come), we knew the mission would remain the same : to help society track and stop the spread of disease.

It's great to see how much we've grown, and how much more we're hoping to accomplish.  And its always nice to reminisce about my black (not grey) beard!