Talking Zika, Olympics and Tech on The Wall Street Journal

This week, I appeared on The Wall Street Journal's podcast, Tech Talk, to discuss Kinsa's initiative aimed at helping athletes combat Zika and other illnesses this summer with Kinsa Smart Thermometers.

Zika is fairly ill-understood in regards to the symptoms. So if you're traveling to Rio and you do happen to become ill, having Kinsa to keep a record of your health history can be extremely helpful both for you and for the wider community. In the event that you receive a Zika diagnosis, we'll have more information to look back on to understand better what Zika does and you'll have more information to provide a doctor so you can receive a better diagnosis.

We have a program right now through which we're offering Kinsa thermometers to athletes in their families traveling to Rio. We currently have 6 teams and several individuals who are equipped with thermometers, and we've created an Athletes' Village Group on the Kinsa app to help them see what's going around and communicate with one another to stop illnesses from spreading locally.

Hear the full podcast here.